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ISA Brown?

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I am a new chicken owner.  I bought some chicks today at Rural King. The biggest chick was in a bin labeled Light Brahma pullets. I saw some with the feathered legs.  When I got  a closer look at the chick, at home, I realized it did not have feathered legs. After much research, I think it is an ISA Brown. The little reddish one next to it, is also supposed to be an ISA Brown.  They both have brown stripes down their backs. The wings on the bigger one are whitish. Does that mean it is a male? In the last picture, the lightest ones are supposed to be Buff Orpingtons, and the  darks were labeled Ameracauna (Easter Egger?) . Im hoping they are all pullets. Any opinions on breeds and sexes would be appreciated.






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Sorry. I think I started this thread in the wrong place. I will copy it to What Breed or Gender is this forum.  I wish I knew how to delete this thread.

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