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Sick Chicks :(

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I got 8 chicks in the mail yesterday from a somewhat local hatchery ( about 1.5 hours away) and initially they were all doing well. Last night one of the chicks got really weak on her feet started leaning over then fell over to her side. I would catch her on her back occasionally chirping but too weak to get up herself. I helped her up and did some of the things I found on this site to help weak chicks like sugar water etc. I called the hatchery about her and they told me to try feeding her a boiled egg. I offered it to her and she took it. I put her back to rest and when I would check her she would be weaker each time. She unfortunately passed lasted night. This has now occured with three other chicks as well. The hatchery is local and told me they will replace the dead chicks but I'm sick to my stomach. Half the chicks I got died. Any ideas what is going on?
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How warm is your brooder? What are you feeding them? What are you feeding them with? Are the healthy ones quiet? Loud? Yoke is great, honey water is good too. I would seperate any that act weak and try to warm/force-fed them, to see if they perk back up.
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I was feeding them chick starter. When I saw a weak one I also made a mixture of sugar and chick starter paste. I have both medicated and nonmedicated chick starter. The water has the chick electrolyte mix in there. I have the food and water in small chick feeders. The temp is 95. All the other chicks are running around eating, hopping, drinking. They seem happy, now Im paranoid another one is randomly gonna just start getting week to. The hatchery told me it could be from a harsh/cold shipment and they have me more chicken. This whole process leaves me with a heavy heart sad.png
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I know it is hard. But it sounds like you are doing everything right. Losses happen, no way around it, and moving can be stressful to them. Hope the rest stay fine!
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