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Chick seperation

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At what age should we separate the male and female chicks from eachother?
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For what purpose would you want to separate chicks by sex?


I haven't heard of this practice unless it's to try to sex them and sell them. But you usually can't tell the sex until they're between six and ten weeks.


You may want to separate the cockerels from the pullets when they come into their hormones around five to six months, but only to keep the peace.

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Why? If it is to stop breeding it varies greatly depending on breed and individuals. Around 16 to 20 weeks.
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I've heard alot of times you want 1 rooster per so many hens or whatever. I was just wondering if there's a good age to separate them or just wait til 'hormone s' set in. Nre at this. Just a question
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It varies so much. Mostly I would just wait until it becomes an issue, most do.
Listen for crowing that is a good first sign. Then unless you see fighting or your hens start looking rough due to over breeding, it isn't an issue. Do you know now how many male/female?
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