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Mid Georgia ninja coop "in progress"

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So we are building from an amalgamation of a bunch of ideas found online LOL!

No set plans, but implementing as we go :-)

What do you think so far?

Start with this...

To a foundation for 8'x8'

Next step after floor joists, squaring, leveling, concreting peirs, tar paper .. linoleum (what a pain)
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Putting in 2x4 pressure treated floor joists. Figured 2x4s would be fine since mainly only chickens in there, weight wise, but holds me fine with only a tiny bit of bounce with 2 people..

Pretty hard dirt, but we dug down a bit and leveled the 2-3 blocks then filled in/around with about 2 bags of concrete each. Tied to 4x4 pressure treated skid frame.

Sub floor on. linoleum going on top. originally had a 6 by 9 sheet of linoleum, but had to return for 8 by 12 just to do one big thing on top. Figured it'd be worth the extra 20 bucks for easiness.

these are the cheapish windows we are going to use for the most part. We will have two in the front, the way the pictures are kind of facing now is the front and it is roughly facing west, one of these on the left side. Nothing in the back. And a 36 by 24 fat window on the right side (southish).

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Welcome!  Starting at ground level;  Since you've built a floor, rather than using the ground as a base, consider a hardware cloth skirt around the coop to prevent critters (and chickens!) from getting under it.  Then, if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore anywhere nearby, visit it for windows, doors, and stuff. You don't actually need windows, you can make openings with hardware cloth  (make them large!) and then partially cover them with plastic in winter.  Look at Woods coops; they are totally open on the south wall.  Mary

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had to fix this little issue LOL

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well my silly phone only uploaded 3 of the 6 or 7 i tried ^^.. more tomorrow I guess..

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THIS tree was the issue. Was in the way by like 2" for the eave lol
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Where I'm at as of yesterday..
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so now I am firming up the interior design and could use some help.


It is about 8'x8' inside

front has (2) 18x36 windows and a door that will be "solid"

back has 16"x16" "floor level" opening that will let the chickens out

looking at front, the right side has a 36"x24" window

the left side has one 18"x36" window



I am thinking long nesting boxes on the "outside" on both the right and left sides (to match), using the studs to mark off individual boxes (about 5 each side)

I was thinking of having a storage "room" inside it to store food, etc but didn't want to cover nesting area or windows?

roosting where?

more nesting on the back wall, but use "inside nesting boxes" to save work/framing?


Right now I have 4 full size chickens and (6) ~9 week olds but want more... mainly for eggs

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