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Diy crafts

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So, I know this thread is unusual, but I'm really into to diy craft for the house and yard and everything else. There's not much on the internet so I thought I should ask my fellow BYCers. So anyone that has ANY kind of diy craft, go ahead and share, share, share!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
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You may get an idea of what other BYCers do if you type the name of any DIY craft that springs to mind in the search box. I do know that theres a quilters thread, for example.


All the best


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Yeah but I want all crafts. Thanks tho!😊
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I was wondering what you mean by DIY crafts.  Do it your self is obvious but any craft qualifies unless you are buying a finished product from someone.


For example, are you talking about spinning yarn from fiber?  Or are you talking about using yarn to knit, crochet, etc.?


I make at least one sweater a year for myself using knitting.  I make countless hats and blankets to give away.  It always amazes me how many people ask if I sell the things I make. I do a variety of other crafts too depending on the season.


You will find a number of these kinds of things under hobbies.

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Hi!  My DIY crafts are seasonal. 


In the summer I:

Hatch Chicks (may not be considered a craft)

Plant Flowers (may not be considered a craft)

Plant a Large Garden (may not be considered a craft)

Harvest and Can

Pickle the old-fashioned way, this includes fermented spirits

Randomly Build Stuff in an attempt to be more handy


In the winter I:

Crochet Sweaters and Blankets




Year round I:

Groom Small Canines (mostly Shih-tzus)

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I mostly make artificial flowers like roses and daises to decorate the house. 

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