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Your last statement there is precisely why I went with natural tree branches for my roost bars. I had cut down an old hedge tree and a couple of the straighter branches were perfect. The texture of the bark along with the natural roundness of the branch just seemed natural for them. I know it's not what OP is looking for, but it worked for me!




BTW, your photo also points to a issue the old timers had settled on and that was to make each of the roost bars the same level. NOT a ladder type.....actually it was more like "NEVER a ladder type".  Their observation was the birds will always make for the highest roost bar available to them, which leads to crowding and bedtime spats as they all try to crowd on. But this may have also been a bigger deal if you had 50 birds housed in a modest sized house and not all 50 would fit on one roost.


So hard to know in the photo above if they actually like the bigger sized perch or if it is simply the highest. could test it both ways to see what the birds tell them.

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I only have 7 birds, so they all fit on the upper roost. The lower one is there as a step from the ramp that's out of the picture. It also serves as a sort of passing lane to cross paths as they rearrange themselves at bedtime.
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