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has my chicken got cancer?

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I've notice a small lump next to her mouth. It's been getting bigger over the last week or so, so today I looked in her mouth and it looks very unpleasant. What does it look like? And should I treat this? 

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It's possible that you are seeing canker a protozoan infection. It is treated with FishZole (Flagyl, metronidazole) which you can get from a vet or online. Here is some info about it in a link and also below:


Oral Canker

Canker is a condition mostly associated with pigeons and is caused by a tiny parasite called trichomonas. This parasite is often spread through contaminated drinking water. The parasite causes a ‘yellow button’ of pus to form in your bird’s mouth. This can stop your bird from eating normally leading to weight loss.

What to look for

  • Weight loss
  • Birds picking up food then dropping it
  • A cheese-like plaque in your birds mouth (see photo)
  • A reluctance to eat


Treating canker or suspected canker is a job for a vet who will likely prescribe an anti-parasitic medication.


Ensure that your birds' drinking water is changed daily. Try to keep the drinkers in the chicken house to discourage wild birds from sharing your birds’ water.

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Hi there, thanks for that! I have done quite a bit of reading up. Is is normal to be taking you chickens to see a vet? In the UK you cant get hold of any drugs without them seeing your animal. 

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Hi guys, I took the bird to the vet and it turned out to be food that got stuck in her mouth. Vet dug it out and gave her an antibiotic! Shes fine again now :)  

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Thanks for the update, and good to know that she is better. Vets are always a good option is they are possible, and familiar with chickens.

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