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I'm getting ducks and chickens and I've already named all of the chickens but I can't seem to come up with names for my ducks. I'm getting a male and a female Peking duck ūüź•
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I normally like to go with a theme when naming mine. Since your getting a pair why not naming them after a famous couple? 

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What are your chicken names? 


Personally, for ducks, I like names with either title/status, or a play on words. Things like Dr. Bill Beakstrom, and his wife, Duchess Waddles Von Quackerstein. Bill and Waddles for short. Don't steal 'em though, as long as I get a male and female when mine hatch, they're taken! :P

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We have bout 30 chickens and I've only named 2: Ivan Lendl, who is alternately called Ivan the Terrible. A big angular bird like the Czech tennis star of of the 70's/80's, beat MacEnroe. Then got the name ...The Terrible cuz he attacks me and whoever goes into the run/coop, generally. Only lately I've been retaliating. Maybe terrible of me, but I dont want him pecking some visiting child's eyes or our new puppy, named after my grandmother Zula, BTW. So I'm trying some Pavlovian deterrence training. Tho Ivan sees himself as protector, another bird is my protector and gets after him when he attacks me. He's called Alfie. Brekky, gotta go.  Bye bye

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Lol i dont really keep up with famous people but i want something really really unique tongue.png
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