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Run roofing question

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I'm in the process of buying my building materials for our coop/run. It will be a 4X6 coop with a shingled roof and a 6X12 run with a polycarbonate roofing system. My question is about sizing for the polycarbonate roofing and my 6 foot wide run.

Would I need overhang with the run roofing? The reason I'm asking is that the panels come in 2 lengths  (8' and 12'), If I just need exactly 6' (the width of my run) I can purchase the 12' and cut in half, having to purchase only 3 panels. If I need overhang, then I'd go with the 8' and trim down to size, but have to buy 6.


What have people done in the past with this?

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I'd suggest it depends on where the run is located in terms of prevailing wind / rain, but either way I'd ensure there's an overhang in order to keep the ground of the run as dry / shaded (whichever the case may be) as much as you can.


All the best


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I don't think an overhang on a run would be near as important as on the coop itself. I can see not wanting water running down your building, the windows, door ect. IMO on the run if the water drips down one inch from the outside of the run or 2 feet it is not going to make a really big difference. If it were me, on the run, I would go with the 12 foot panels and have no overhang if there a difference in price. If your coop is on a hill/slope and water is an issue it might be better to spend a little extra and put a gutter on the high side of the run and direct the water to the end of the run.

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