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Good morning everyone. New to this board and my baby chicks. Before I got my lil ones I bought a coop off line. Very disappointed on how small even though it said up to 8. Well I then got my lil ones and could not stop at the original 4 I told my honey I was getting. Ended up with 8 cute lil darlings. I told him we need to make a coop. We did and now to my question. It is about 10 to 12 inches off ground should I put wire along the bottom? Not sure when they are full grown if they can fit but afraid they may lay some eggs there should I be concerned? I have learned so much off this board I had to join. Thank you for any info you can provide

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Can you post a picture of the setup?


Offhand, though, I'd say yes. My limited experience over the last year is that chickens will go just about anywhere they can. If they decide they like the privacy of under the coop better than their nest boxes, you'll be trying to get eggs out with a long fish net or stick. Heaven help you if somebody decides to go broody under there!


Case in point. Months ago, when it was still hot in my workshop, I left the window open day and night to let air circulate. This is a narrow window, maybe 12 inches wide, and opens to maybe 18 inches tall. The bottom of the window is probably 48 inches off the ground. Well I noticed that my egg count was lower than usual for a couple days. One afternoon I went into the shop and heard a noise over in the corner. I looked over to the corner and saw Bertie my white Easter Egger pop her head up out of a cardboard box full of unused rags that was on the workbench. Checked the box and found her eggs in there! I watched her the next day and she launched herself up to that hole and went straight in and hopped in her box. I closed the window and showed her back to the nest in the coop and we were back in business, but she checked that window every afternoon for almost a week. 

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Trying to get pic added but not sure how to
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