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Sour crop help!

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Sour crop help! One of my hens has sour crop. I have been trying to empty by massaging it and etc. But she has been vomiting very little portions. How long do I continue the process? I don't want to stress her too much so I have been taking 7 minute breaks after each time she vomits. This is my first time with this issue and I am unfamiliar with how quickly her crop should be emptied. Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advice! 🐔
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give her some yogurt that has probiootics and then acv

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@chicklover 1998 She has had no appetite and I can't get her to drink. I'm going to take a break. I'm putting her in the isolation cage and leaving her with yogurt and water hopefully she eats some.
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just put the acv in water and maybe she will drink it.

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