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I'm 99% sure I've got a surprise roo but wanted to verify first. "She" is supposed to be an EE pullet.

With another EE pullet

With the (known) Barred Rock cockerel
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that is a roo I think where did you get him from?

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Rural King. I know it wasn't their fault though. I literally took him from the box that said EE pullets on the shipping papers haha
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That comb is looking roo to me, but i've heard there's a lot that have larger combs but still turn out to be pullets...
I have about 8 chicks i'm raising right now as well and i'm fairly certain that one is most certainly a roo and another is still up in the air...typically won't know for sure until about 4 months is my understanding when they should start to be laying


good luck! :jumpy

"To enjoy the world, by giving joy to the world."

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"To enjoy the world, by giving joy to the world."

Johann Nepumuk Hummel



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I'm sure that's a roo.
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@harmesonfarm I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath haha "She" just looks so markedly different than the other 3
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I'd be suspect too, though the comb isn't really that pink or red.  I've had a few that I was almost positive were roo's over the years that turned out to be hens.   The barred rocks get me a lot, some of them seem to develope rather young.

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Not sure about Rural King but Tractor Supply has them all as pulleys but they are unsexed.
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Looks like a cockerel, and with a single comb too. Can you get a better picture of the comb on your other EE?

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Here's the one that I'm not concerned about

And the one in question
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