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Americana rooster for free (bryan, TX)

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I have a beautiful americana rooster i need to find a home or he will be dinner. He is very protective of his flock and tries to intimidate people. My 4 yr old is scared of him to the point he wont play outside. I need a more docile rooster. Live in Bryan,tx
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Still available?

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Yes.  Speak now because we are planning on making him chicken dinner tonight.

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We live in Medina, TX. We'd like him, but will need to make a plan to get to you. Request a stay of execution, your honor! wink.png

Hubs would like to know how old he is? We don't mind his age, just curious.

Checked: it's a 4 1/2 hour drive to you. Would you post him to us?
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He is a year.  Got him 4/2/15.  I have had him in a small coop with no chicks and he is ******.  Here over the last few months he has tried to attack me through his cage and bit me when I was putting his water can in there.  He is getting more aggressive.  In full disclosure - when free he runs at you sometimes when you get around his Chicks or 1st let him out of the Coop and will try to hit you low with his feet.  He did this once to my son and scratched his leg that is why he is scared of him.  I literally got to the point where I was walking in my yard with a bat or rake.


I had only 4-5 Chickens so if he had a bigger flock or if he was free all the time  with a big flock he might be better off.  Unfortunately something has killed off off the girls except one so she is no longer free roaming.  My husband saw a fox not too far from our property so that may be the culprit.  I have 11 babies at different stages and my Hub is building a run but I don't feel safe going into an enclosure with this Roo. 


If you really want him I will hold him for a little while longer.  


Sending him by post is more trouble than it is worth for me.  


Let me know soon my hub is going home at 2pm and is planning to send him to Chicken Heaven.  

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My hubby says it would be a full day's drive to get to you and back and it's not worth it for one chicken. If you were willing to meet us halfway, or post him (we'd pay costs), we'll take him. But if not, we'll need to pass. I would love to take him, he sounds great for our needs! We have eight acres and will be getting ten birds, so he'll have a full flock and lots of area to cover, and his aggressiveness would be put to good use taking care of his ladies, but the Minister of Finance has put his foot down on how much he's prepared to do. 


I shoulda checked where Bryan was before posting. sorry. :hide.

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I so wish I could but my husband would laugh at me if I said we have to catch him for one and then drive two hrs to drop him off.  His comment would be a bullet costs less than gas!!  So I think our husbands are going to win this one.  I appreciate your interest. 

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So sad. Well, thanks for trying. Good luck with your new roo.

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