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Real red vent area on my roaster

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Hello I have a question. We have 6 hens and 1 rooster. Every so often I check and look over all of our animals and I have noticed that our rooster is really red around the vent area and on up to the tail feathers. He had mites really bad about a year ago and we treated him. I noticed at that time after they were gone that he was red. But it is just soooo red. I have looked and looked and he doesn't have mites, lice, eggs and there isn't any signs of mice or rats. I also wondered if he has been having trouble going to the bathroom too. Because it seems hard and small sometimes but then it seems really large. I'm not sure that that is normal. They all seems to act fine and look good except for that on our rooster. I hope that someone out there can help.
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I'm not an expert on rooster behinds since most of mine have never liked to be handled, but when I have inspected them for lice or mites, they have tended to be red, possibly due to hormones. Maybe others with roosters will chime in.
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My rooster is always a very bright red as well. I always thought that was normal. His feet have some red on them too. My roosters poo is also absolutely enormous! I am guessing its normal.
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Ok that helps. I'm still new to all this chicken stuff lol. Thank you
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Your welcome! ☺️
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