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sound proofing

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After years of having chicken & ducks my neighbor complained to the town about the noise. My coop is on the back side of my property, The Town says it needs to be in the backyard if I get complaints.  That leads me to trying to find any noise reduction ideas. I've searched the web and any ideas are $$$$$. I already rehomed my male ducks they made most of the noise. Broke my heart.!!!  My hubby doesn't want to move the coops and run so I'm left to trying to noise prof the world. I have chain link on my side of the property and they have stockade. I found a noise reducing vinyl but I'd have to add grommets to it and I'm afraid it wont hold up to the weather. The fences are 6' high and the run is 30' long. If anyone has any ideas.  We are installing an auto door so they wont be let out of the coop until later in the AM probably 8:30 or 9:00 AM. I don't have a roo.  thanks for any ideas

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Putting carpet on the ceiling and walls helps soundproof human areas so I don't see why it wouldn't work for chickens! And I bet you could find some carpet scraps for cheap or for free!
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How large is your coop ?

How many chickens do you have?

Pictures of location and coop may help with ideas:)

Carpet is a good suggestion, but my main concern with that would be how much dust, dander, parasites (mites/lice) would accumulate in the fibers and cause more problems for you down the road. Unless you were able to clean it well periodically and/or replace it without much hassle.

If  your coop has lots of ventilation and  windows that are open most of the year, insulating/sound blocking the coop may not help that much. I've found most of my joyful noises comes from when they are outside in the run, so can you plant some shrubbery as a sound block or even a wooden privacy fence may help reduce some noise.

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The noise that Chickens and ducks make is so much more upsetting than the scream of a child a bark of a dog the horn of a train just looking for some sort of out door sound proofing that will hold up out side that I could put between the two fences
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Thick evergreen shrubs.
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