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candleing turkey eggs

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Its day 7 of my dozen eggs in the bator. I candled this morning not expecting to see alot but just to see. All i noticed were veins in the fat end looking like they were just starting. But all 12 had them thats a great sign im guessing. Im keeping my humidity between 30 and 45% temp from 99 to 100.
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I've not hatched out turkey eggs, but have experience with chicken eggs. Day 7, you typically won't see a lot. Maybe a vein or two. Sounds like yours are doing good.big_smile.png

Please keep us posted and welcome-byc.gif
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Sorry, you've been with us awhile. I was thinking in the wrong year......hide.gif. Lol! I need caffeine!
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No problem. The only incubating ive done is quail eggs ive got that down to a tee. Ive incubated one dozen mail order chicken eggs one formed none hatched wont do that again. I decided to try these turkey eggs on a whim. One of those why not nothin else to do things, plus the eggs were only 30 bucks for a dozen from a guy 20 minutes from me ones on ebay are like 80 and 90 bucks for the same types.I live in the city and cant keep them lol. But i have people that im gonna give them to if they make it. I have 7 chickens i can have those i might try to keep one turkey hen but ill have to see how that plays out.
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Shipped eggs have a fat chance of being treated as they should. I've only got eggs from locals. Taking a great risk & having chicks shipped next month from California. Only bought from local hatcheries in the past as well.
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Yeah i have a guy here 10 minutes from me now he has everything. But he wont give up any jubilee orpington eggs lol.
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