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Online Hatcheries?

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Are there any online hatcheries that you can buy like one of each breed?  I would want a variety to my flock, not 5 Rhode Island Reds that look identical.  If you could send links, that would be great!

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Yes Meyer hatchery let's you get only one of a breed if you like. They also let you order as few as 3 birds! I have a order coming from them April 11th. Thèy also give away a free female layer chick called Meyer Meal maker. You also have the option to get sexed females!! Their customer service is excellent! I have coming 1 free laying female chick suprise breed, one female Silver penciled rock, one female Golden Cuckoo Maran, and Seven female Barred Rock. Their website is great because you can pick your hatch/ship date! I ordered in January for April hatch/ship.any order Under 14 birds automatically will ship express. They have so many beautiful breeds to choose from and lots of rare breeds too! They don't add male chicks for warmth like other hatcheries but they use a long lasting heat pack in shipping.They offer the Mareks vaccine at a very low price. for my small order it was only .50 cents to vaccinate. you should check out their website!! you would press shop then chicks and then if you want rare breeds, brown egg layers, white egg layers, or bantam breeds. They give you much more control then other hatcheries who charge you for placing small orders or won't let you choose your shipping date. Hope this helps smile.png just go to Google and type meyer hatchery, it will come right up.
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here's a link
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I have had two orders from Meyer, both were positive experiences. First order I ordered 8 BO pullets, unfortunately two were young men but we ended up keeping one. Didn't lose any. Second order was 15 pullets. So far all look like ladies, only one loss which I believe was a rare breed who was definitely a runt. The gave me a credit or offered to refund my money. The customer service via email was speedy and helpful. I would order again.
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