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Y'all are really bursting my bubble lol. I know the 2 Marans are cockerels. They have way different personalities and are now getting wattles and bigger combs. They also seem lighter in color. The "Ameracuanas" all seem sweet and I haven't noticed bigger combs or different personalities in any of those. I put ameracuana in " because that is what was ordered but I noticed someone called them EEs, either way is fine! They came from privett hatchery which is 60 miles from me and I have read that they often send EEs rather than true Ameracuanas. I plan to breed the Marans rooster to the Ameracuana/EEs next year, hopefully. If I have any pullets afterall.
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Privett doesn't have Ameraucana at all. They only have Easter Eggers that are incorrectly sold as Ameraucana. Basically, if no color/variety is specified, it's an Easter Egger.

Only one of the Marans looks like a cockerel at this point.

It's the patchy dark red on a few of the Easter Eggers that makes me think that at least one is a cockerel.

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Yes, those two are Roos.
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