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Although I am sure that my question has to have been answered many times previously, I have Googled ad nauseum without finding an answer.


I have 10 Light Brahma eggs, which are brown, in my incubator (located in my home office) that I candled late last night at about day 6.25.  Now I could just wait and see what happens but I happened to luck out yesterday and got 11 turkey eggs for a test hatch - I get half the turkey poults.  So, thing now is that if my chicken eggs are not good, I do not want to risk the turkey eggs.


I made a candling device from a table lamp, spaghetti sauce can, toilet paper tube and an LED light bulb (brighter than a 40W incandescent).  My vision is not great.  Anyhow, I was disappointed when I failed to observe an distinct spot or blood vessels.  All I could see was a dark mass come by as I rolled each egg on its long axis.  I thought it was the yolk.  However, I candled three fresh eggs and found that I could not identify a similar mass - no sign of yolks at all.


Now I am a little baffled.  I did not see what I expected to but, by the same token, each egg contains a dark mass that is not present in fresh eggs.  My question then is that, on the balance of probabilities, is it likely that I have good fertile chicken eggs in my incubator .... or duds?


This is my first experience with an incubator.


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