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Hens or roos?

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We have a silky and I mix chick that are indoor chicks. The silky has messed up feet so it can't get away from predators, and the other is too small for the flock and thus became the house buddy for our silky.I think the silky is female but I want other opinions. I am quite certain though that the little mix breed is a boy. What do y'all think?

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How old are they?
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Roughly one month old
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Could you send me a picture of them from the side please? I would like to see there tail and wings.
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It's a little blurry but here
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Thank you. It looks like a little girl to me.
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I figured so from when I vent sexed them when I got them, but she was so squirmy that it was hard to tell. Thank you for the help
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No problem!
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