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doors for my chicken coop

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New chicks arrive this week but am looking to start to get the coop ready. I plan to use my 10 by 16 wooden shed in the back. It is up off the ground and I will hardward cloth around it. I do not know how to have an opening. I have the tall doors on the front . I will enclose a run but just do not know how to make an opening for the chickens. I assume a window is a good idea also...

Any ideas appreciated

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You should try to get 1 square foot of ventilation per bird. Whether it be Windows, gable vents, pop door, etc.
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You can cut a rectangular hole in the wall near the floor the size of a pop door using a reciprocating saw or a drill and jigsaw. Frame it on both sides with wood, screwing through one side of wood, through the shed wall, and into the other side with wood. You can either attach a small door with hinges, or make a door that slides up or to the side.
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