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Older chicken with swollen abdomen

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I have a 6 year old chicken that has a swollen abdomen. This just came up in the last week or so so I know that she's not just fat. She hasn't laid in about a year so I don't think she's eggbound. She's not moving around much and when she does she gets tired easily - breathing with her mouth open. She's waddling like a penguin. She is eating. Gave her food yesterday and she ate quite a bit. She's outside now and picks at the occasional piece grass but isn' t really foraging and isn't scratching at all. She's poopinf fine although her stools are a little yellower than normal - not runny though. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?

- Jan

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Given her age, it could be Ascites (water belly) or Peritonitis where the abdomen fills with fluid. The fluid can put pressure/strain on internal organs and cause breathing problems. There is no cure, some people do drain the abdomen with a needle (I believe 18gauge). Ascites would drain as more clear liquid while Peritonitis will be thick yellow liquid.

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Thanks. Yes, this looks like possibly what's going on. Going to keep an eye on her for the next few days and see if she perks up. Not sure I' m up to draining her abdomen and we don't have a poultry vet in the area ( not that I would be able to afford it if I did).
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I hope she starts doing better.

Keep us updated.

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