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Vent sexing???

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I would like to start trying to vent sex my chicks. I have looked on line to know what to look for. My question is: Is there a certain day that is best to sex them? Day old? 2,3,4, etc...?

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Vent sexing is most often done within the first 24 hours. It takes a discerning eye, and even then it isn't 100%. If you want to see how difficult it is then get some sex links and see how well you do.

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I wouldn't advise it unless you're willing to sacrifice a few chicks in the process of trying to learn. Vent sexing was invented by the Japanese, and it requires training and a lot of practice to get proficient.


To demonstrate how difficult it is, hatcheries only hired qualified Japanese vent sexers for years until the art could be learned by people in other countries. It involves manipulating the chick's vent in a way that, if done incorrectly, can result in injury or death.


Don't try it unless you have expert guidance.

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it could be dangerous to the chick if your not experienced. it's done at day 1 after hatch. The hatcheries let the birds dry after hatch, sex them, vaccinate (those that get vaccinated) then place in box for shipment. I don't think it can be accomplished older than day 1, at least not accurately. Are you hatching your own chicks? I would be afraid to try it. Too much chance for harm and error.
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