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Rooster + Silkies

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Hi everyone,

I currently have 2 silkies that are part of my flock of standard size chickens, and was wondering if it would be possible to have a standard size rooster (say the size of a Delaware rooster)? Would he try to mount them even though they are tiny? My smallest silkie is the size of an 8 week old chick (and she's now a laying hen) and weighs 1.8lb, while my bigger silkie weighs 3-3.5lbs (can't remember). I don't want them to be mounted by an 8-10lbs rooster, so is there a way to have both?

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All roosters, all sizes, all breeds will mate any hen no matter the size difference, larger or smaller than they are.


So, the answer is yes, a standard rooster will mate your tiny Silkies, and injury is a possibility. Many people have bantams and standards in the same flock, but not without consequences.

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