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Mesh floor

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Hi, Just got my first chicks yesterday.  I am super excited about finally raising chickens.  We have Rhode Island Reds, Isa Browns, and  a few guinea fowl.  The chickens will stay on one side of our property, while the guineas will be on the opposite.  Although, I am not sure this is necessary.  We plan on letting the birds free range, and hope they will return to a coop at night.  (We have 56 acres in total, but only 4 acres around our house). 

Just to get started, my husband bought me an inexpensive coop from Rural King.  Admittedly, this thing won't last long!  Seems rather cheap, so I am adding a good coat of wood sealer. 

But, here is what I question:  Because the coop is somewhat flimsy, my husband decided to make a base for it out of treated lumber and add a mesh floor, so the birds when in the coop are off the ground, but his thinking was that the cheap wood would be off the ground and not rot out as fast.  it is small enough we can pick the whole thing up with the tractor and clean out from under it, if needs be.  the base will also hold it down and keep preditors out, too. 


Is this a problem, having the mesh floor? Will they end up pecking at each other since there is not ground to peck???




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To fix this if the mesh is not a good idea, I could add some horse stall matting with a layer of shavings, so poor hubby doesn't have to de-construct what he just built.  Thoughts?

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