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Yellow residue on eggs...

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I've had two eggs with yellow residue on them yesterday and one today. I thought maybe an egg broke, but haven't found any evidence and today it was on one of the eggs from the same hen as yesterday. Should I be concerned? It looks like yolk, but if it is wouldn't it be on the others?If they are being eaten wouldn't they eat the others too? Thanks
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It may be yolk from another egg (usually a thin shelled egg) laid by another hen that has been pecked an eaten. If someone is laying thin shelled eggs, some are smart enough to check the nest boxes for those eggs. Also if that kind of egg is in the box, they can easily be broken when another sits on it. Any hen will eat a broken egg.
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Got it. I always thought that once one was broken they would just help themselves to the others. Thanks for the input.
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We also had yellow residue on are eggs and it turned out to be yolk from the eggs are hens were eating.

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