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Toaster oven incubator?

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Has anyone done this successfully?  I found a toastmaster oven with a tray in the bottom for the water.  Has top burner and a wire rack for the eggs.  The door has a full width half inch gap to let air through.  Does it need some holes in the top for ventilation?   I can get humidity as high as seventy five percent.


John Runer

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Is it a model that has a bottom that drops out to dump crumbs, etc? If it is, the doors on those things aren't air tight and I think you would get natural convection ventilation. Have you been able to stabilize the temps?

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After seeing the frying pan work, I would say yes you could.

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I can regulate temperature.   This is a reversible broiler/toaster, is it best to have the burner above or below the eggs?  If the burner is below it will be heating the water tray first.



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I would say below because heat rises. This is interesting. Keep us posted, and much luck.

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Hey just wondering if this was successful. I'm thinking about trying it out with my toaster oven for my runner duck eggs smile.png
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