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Chicks Dying Daily.. Help Please

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I Bought 8 chicks last Tuesday and right away there were a few weak chicks. I got them through the mail and about 16 hours after picking them up 3 weee dying. I called the hatchery about this and they told me I could come by and pick up new chicks. So thats what I did, got in my car and drove the hour to pick up new chicks. I brought these home and initially they chicks I picked up myself were doing really well. I figured the dying chicks were from a rough shipment. Now however one by one the chicks keep getting weaker and die. This is so frustrating. Any ideas what could cause this? The most recent chick that died was so strong yesterday and i found her dead this AM. Im currently feeding them chick starter. They have the chick vitamins in their water and the temp is about 95 in the brooder. This is my first time doing this and I keep blaming myself.. i wonder if there is a virus or cocci going around... any opinions would be wonderful. Thank you.
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Are they on medicated feed? Is the whole brooder getting warmed? They need a cool zone to get away from the heat if needed.

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I have both medicated feed and regular starter. I have both in the brooder. Im trying everything.. the brooder is big enough where the chicks can walk away from the heat.
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Do you have a coccidia treatment on hand? Medicated starter is only effective at preventing coccidiosis if it's the only thing offered to the chicks. If they are getting unmedicated in addition, it won't be enough to prevent the protozoa from making the chicks sick. Remove the unmedicated feed and see if it helps. Get some Corid ASAP. Coccidia can kill in less than a day if untreated.

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