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I made this whole coop from thrown away wood, reclaimed wood,and other building materials that were thrown away.The only thing I had to buy was the 2 feeders,everything else was free and just my labor and fasteners for cost.I found 2 broken dog kennels which I refurbished and used for fencing,along with a whole roll of wire that was thrown away,also cow panels that were being used as a dog kennel were given to me after they had moved out of the location they were at,a old playset works great for the chickens to climb and sit on,they really do have fun on it everyday.My girls started laying at 21 weeks and we have now gathered over 4 dozen this week alone,so they are getting into the groove of laying regular.If you look on the roadside and your local landfill you can find plenty of materials to build your own coop for minimal cost.I have 25 new Hampshire red hens and 1 NH red rooster.