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Constipated chick

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New chicken owner and loving it, but unfortunately I have one that seems to be constipated. She is about 3-4 weeks old. Every time she tried to poop, she makes a weird call thats sound like a cricket. Her vent is swollen and protruding. Yesturday she had a clear fluid just leaking from her vent. Now it like a white foamy liquid pasting up. She is not blocked and her vent is not hard. I tried to give her probiotic and electroyte mix but she was not interested at the time. I have been giving her 1 or 2 baths/getting her bum wet a day for the past 2 days. She has been eating a little of her feed and grit, with barely any sips of water. Any ideas? Please help?
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You need to get some mineral or coconut oil down her asap! Just hold a tiny container of oil under her beak and let her sip some. Chicks have never tasted oil so she will think it's water. But it only works once. She won't be fooled a second time. If she refuses, then you will need to syringe it a little at a time into the side of her beak, letting her swallow before giving her more. Try to get a teaspoon full down her.


Smooth some coconut oil on her vent. It will help reduce the inflammation and maybe the swelling.

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Great thanks! I gave her a bath right before posting this and then I cuddle her in a blanket until she is nice and dry. I open the towel and she immediately pooped a load. The swelling went down a little right after that and her vent does not look as red. I will try these oils now and hope they help her out. I did put a tiny bit of petroleum on her vent that looked like it helped.
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