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Hi All! Last year's class had a great time with the Chick Project, getting 13 of 19 of DMRippy's awesome eggs to hatch! All chicks found good homes - even my scissor beak. This year, however, I would move more quickly to cull a scissor beak, should I get another one. 


Last year I had to do the project in the fall to comply with the grant I had received. This year I plan to start in about two weeks! With that in mind, and in case there are other teachers here looking to do the project, I thought I'd post my personal checklist. Please add from your own experience!



Working incubator



Ovascope (nice, but not necessary)

Heat source for chicks


Food dish

Chick food


Latex gloves



Space for the incubator

Space for the brooder box, at least 2 sq ft per chick



Administrative Approval

Is your co-teacher on board with it?

Are the custodians on board with it?

Emergency vet



How will you keep track of and adjust the temperature and humidity of the incubator?

Who will be responsible for the project if you are not there?

How will the eggs / chicks be cared for on the weekend or at holidays?

Do you have sufficient $ for the materials you'll need, like feed and bedding?

What will you do if a chick needs to be culled?

What will you do if a chick dies at school?

Where will the chicks go when the project has finished?