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Sourcrop- Help!

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Our hen Chickenny has been acting lethargic, droopy, and slow all day. I noticed this morning that her crop felt 'floppy' and it's quite a bit worse now. I was looking up possible ailments, and I believe it's sour crop. We brought her inside the house a few minutes ago, and tilted her and stroked her crop to get her to throw up. She did- a whole bunch of water with a tiny bit of grass. She also pooped, again, very watery its an off color. Now she's just standing inside- we gave her a bit of plain yogurt mixed with Apple cider vinegar, oyster shell, and a water/ vinegar mix for her to eat/ drink if she chooses. We're plannning to keep her inside tonight.
What else should we do?
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Sour crop should not be treated with ACV. Is she still drinking? How long has it been since she has been wormed?
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She was drinking not too long ago, but has been resting since we made her vomit. She's almost a year, and has not been wormed. Does that help? Sorry if I'm not giving enough information
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Some of us timers are pretty sure that worms may be one of the underlying causes of sour crop and hens getting crop bound.

The easiest worker to get quickly is Safeguard, a liquid goat wormer you can find at your feed store.
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