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Thank you! This was helpful. I believe it is a pullet as well now. I'm not seeing any other signs of a rooster. Just the long tail feathers and the comb is the same as the other two.

When mine are mean or aggressive they go to one out in the dog kennel. They haven't been mean since.
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I think that chick is a pullet.  My roos (I had four of them in 2013) all grew a comb and waddle that big at about 3 mos.  They started crowing at about 18 weeks.  However, I will tell you that we noticed them to be the most aggressive of the bunch (we had 12 birds total) while still in the brooder - 5 or 6 weeks at the oldest.  Their combs were noticeably larger by then as well.  Tail feathers however, were about the same as the pullets until about 8 weeks.

BTW, we ended up eating them.  They were too aggressive.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.