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Too young?

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I have 17 chicks that range from 3 weeks to 8 weeks old. I put them in my raised pen today in hopes of leaving them outside. It's completely enclosed with a roof and perfectly safe, but the 3 week old is a bantam I got from work due to him being a little sluggish when we received them. The rest are at least 5 weeks old. It's forecasted to get down to 66° tonight and it's been raining all afternoon and is going to continue all night. I placed a waterproof cover over the top and sides and left the bottom open for ventilation, but I'm worried it may be too cold for them outside tonight, any thoughts?
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I think the 8 week old chicks should be fine. It might be a little cold for the 3 week old.
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Even if he cuddles up with the older ones?
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Do you know the older chicks will let the bantam cuddle with them?


You could try aart's huddle box to help keep them warmer. Find a cardboard box large enough for all of the chicks to fit inside. Cut an entrance large enough for several to go through at once. That's it. They will go inside and the box traps their body heat, making them all toasty as can be. But make sure it's large enough so the bantam doesn't get smothered by the larger chicks.

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I have 2 milk crates on their sides in there and they're all cuddled up together at the moment in 1 of them. Once it got dark outside the bunkered down for the night. They've all been living together and he's usually right in the middle of all the other ones. He's small enough that he fits under most of the older ones without them even noticing. They've all been cuddling up together for weeks. He got picked on the first day a little bit, but nothing since.
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Well I sold 9 of the older guys, and it's getting down to 57° or so tonight. The little guy has been inside for a couple of days with one of the older chicks that was having a leg issue but it's been resolved and was thinking about going back outside tonight. Any concerns? He's now 4 weeks old of not 5, I can't remember...
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