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Please help!! Chick can't walk

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I have a 4 week old golden sex link, she has been in the coop with the other chicks for about 2 weeks now. They have pine shavings, and a heat lamp since it's still pretty cold where I live.
Today, I went into the coop to check the food and water and saw the GSL sprawled out on the ground. I picked her up thinking she was sleeping and she was shaking and kept crying when she tried to stand up. I read on another BYC post that it is a slipped out tendon. I pulled gently back on her leg like the post said to do, I think I felt a pop but I'm not sure.
I also tried doing the chickens chair with a painters mask and a box, but she kept falling out of it..
Any ideas??
She is in my room on a blanket with pillows surrounding her and a heat lamp on her right now.

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I just checked on her. She was sitting on her hocks. She seems very uncomfortable and in pain. I feel so bad for my little baby sad.png
I went to put her in the brooder tub that I am keeping my 2 week old bantams in because I want to keep her warm . But I took her out because the little bantams kept body slamming her and she couldn't get away.
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