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Looking for Rhode Island Whites

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I have Golden Comets that I am raising now and I really like the birds, so I started studying about the Sex links. I have decided that I want to be a sell sustaining small time sex link breader. I have a RIK rooster now and another on the way along with Barred Rocks, Delawares, and White Rocks. On my next order I also want Silver Laced Wyandottes and Rhode Island Whites.

I hear that RIW are much rarer now than before, and that seems apparent given that the only hatchery I can find them at is Cackle. Does anyone know of another Hatchery that has RIWs. I saw something online that stated at last know count there are less than 200 of this bird still around. I guess I have grown a heart for not wanting this bird to disappear, so I want some and was just looking to see if there were other options other than Cackle. My next order will be the Rhode Island Whites, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons. I may even put 10 or 15 meat birds in there, so finding one option for all would be great...

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True Rhode Island Whites are rare. Unlike the major hatcheries, true RIW have rose combs. Sandhill Preservation has them but they are sold out for the year. If you did want them you would have to locate a breeder.


Cackle and Ideal have hatchery RIW, which have single combs. They aren't rare. If you just want them to create sex links then they are fine. If you want to preserve a rare breed you'd have to find the true RIWs.

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Thank you.  I wonder why only two hatcheries carry the RIW, even if it is a hatchery breed.


I will check with Sandhill Preservation about placing an order for next year.  I guess I have gone chicken crazy...

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Looks like Ideal is out of their RIW until 2017.

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I just purchased 15 RIW that were straight run but it appears now that I have 7 Roo's with 8 pullets. They will be laying this summer sometime around July. I'm not keeping but 2 roo's so if you're interested in those I could ship them or in the hatching eggs or chicks this summer just let me know.
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