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How to treat bare skin on hens?

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I put a few hens in a separate coop after noticing bare skin on their backs from too many roosters mounting them.

I want to know how to treat them. I thought maybe Bag Balm would help but looking for advice first [besides

offing the extra roosters I have].  Should I give the higher protein feed like chick starter?

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My understanding if it's bare but not bloody or red, they need rest. You could try feather fixer or something for higher protein, but thier feathers won't fix much till next molt. I would say start by evaluating the flock. How many hens how many roos, how many girls are getting injured, and is it favorites? Do you really need to roo at all?can you separate him (maybe to a side by side run) to give everyone a rest?

Unfortunately you best bet might be removing roosters, to many could cuase rooster fights, resulting in mote injured birds to tend too. Maybe split the flock
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