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Securing the pen

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Can someone give me pointer on how to properly secure the chicken run. In the past few days something got to my duck( she just vanished ) and something got into the area ..went into their coop where they sleep and pulled her through the fence . I'm so heart broken ! In trying to find a home for my little silkie rooster because he is the only one left and I'm worried he is in danger . The only thing I can do is lock him in at night .
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What are more specific details about your run? What kind of fence are you using? Is it securely covered? Are animal able to dig under? Etc
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I can post pictures of the run but we are starting a new area from scratch and I want to make sure we do everything right this time .
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It's a lot easier to help make improvements when we know what your current set up is. 

Assuming the predators attacked during the day, to make the coop AND run secure-


1)secure the base- trench down 1-2 feet with cement blocks or something similar  OR lay 1/2" hardware mesh underneath the coop/run and screw into the foundation frame (4x4's, for example) OR add an 'apron' of two feet 1/2" hardware mesh screwed onto the coop base and fanned out and secured with 12" garden staples, and back filled with pavers or gravel.


2) secure the walls and roof of the run with more 1/2" hardware mesh screwed into the frame.


3)make sure your coop and the frame of the run are well built.


4) put snap latches on your coop door/egg access and run doors with carabiners through them.

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