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hatch sexes

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Ok... I've looked and can't find anything...

What are the chances of having a hatch of all one gender?

I have a mixed flock and just hatched out 15 chicks.

I've been told I May not be able to feather sex with barnyard mixes but I find it curious that only 1 out of the clutch seems to be feathering out like a pullet. At 6 days old this one already has decent growth on the wings and some tail feathers starting
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Since the natural hatch ratio of pullets to cockerels is 50%, or some say 2:3, It wouldn't be very likely you'd have an all-cockerels hatch; even less likely to have an all-pullets hatch. You can only feather-sex with specific breeds bred for feather-sexing. ---Come join us! 

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