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Pond swimming

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So I have another duck question for you all. The ducks I mentioned earlier, when they get older and are able to go swimming in our pond-what will keep them from flying away and not returning? I don't want to clip their wings and would like them to stick around but what would help do that? Also can the ducks share a coop with the chickens I have when they are older? We plan on building our own coop and want to make it big enough of they can share. TIA
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Not sure what breed of ducks you are talking about. It's best to mention it when starting a new thread as many others won't have read what you wrote before and/or won't remember what breed(s) of duck you have. 


Some may get the urge to fly away and some may not. If they can fly the only way you are going to keep them from doing so is to clip their wings.You only need to do one wing. If you are worried about how it will look I believe their is a way to clip the feather so it doesn't look as obvious when the wing in folded. Many people keep ducks and chickens together.

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If you feed them and take good care of them they will stay. They wont fly off if you have food lol. TWRA suggested I clip thwir wings as a few of mine fly but I couldn't. We really enjoy wathing them fly around the yard lol. Yes we have ours with our rooster but they was even with Banhams and never bothered them.
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