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Two heat lamps for just eight chicks is waaaaaaay too much! The only need one.


You aren't cooking food here. These chicks only need heat to warm under and maybe sleep under if it's very cold. It's not a good thing to heat the entire space! They regulate their body heat by moving in and out of the hot zone. Without cool space, they have no place to self regulate and cool down if they've become too warm. They would get into heat stress.


Please remove the other heat lamp.

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Be this age they can overheat just as easily as chill, and they really need some area that is cooler than it is right under the lamp.  Also chicks will huddle for more than just warmth - if they are put into a unfamiliar environment they will often huddle for security.  

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Yes I agree with Blooie - it's easier in my opinion to overheat them than to chill them. One lamp, no drafts, good ventilation and lots of room to move away from the lamp.
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