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I thought one time I was going to have to throw my tennis shoes away  one of mine got me so good. Thankfully after taking the hose to them and washing in the washer [leather] They came clean and And I was walking behind this duck not holding her.  could wear them again. I have learned to walk far behind too.

Oh I know at least my chickens don't let go of those stink bombs but you know Ducks in the wild probably have this mechanism to keep predators at bay. I think if I was a predator and had a duck shoot that nasty stuff all over me I'd lose my appetite pretty fast.


Yay for Turkeys  your going to have lots of babies running around pretty soon. How long for Turkeys?

Good point on the predator thing.  My chicken and turkey broody poos are just...  giant other-wise-normal poos.  Might be a duck-specific thing?  

The turkey eggs take 28~ days.  I had these head-started in the incubator, so the girls won't have to wait quite so long!  But 26 eggs between the two turks, and 32 eggs between the two ducks.  One duck ended up with 20 eggs, the other 12, because the first dozen were the ones my turkey had started before everyone added to her nest.  The other 20 hadn't started developing yet, while the first 12 had well developed embryos.  But!  She seem to cover them all, so I think we'll be alright!

Which, might I add, an angry broody duck nibbling on your hand is kind of cute, despite my friend's warning (who I got the muscovys from).  Nothing compared to an angry untamed turkey mama drilling a hole in your arm- through the sleeve!