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Ducks And Water

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So I realize this site is mainly for chickens and chicken questions, but ive seen people ask about ducks too so here I am. Can anyone tell me at what age they think its safe for me to bring my ducklings out for longer periods of time? I know that they should be kept by water and food so i take them out for short periods of 10-15 minutes and then place them back so they can get their food and water so they don't over eat or drink. So at what age should they be able to be taken out for longer periods of time without getting very hungry and thirst? Thanks :)

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What do you mean by long periods?


I always brought my babies out for some exploring time until they decided they were done and plopped down for a nap. Then I'd scoop them up and back to their brooder. 

They aren't going to starve because they are exploring outside for an hour.

Once they start eating everything they see outside, then I just put a dish of water out while we are out there in case anybody needs to wash something down.

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