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What to do?

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I'm concerned. My 12 babies are about 3-3.5 weeks old. Soemtimes they try to fly a lot, bumping into each other and landing on each other. They all do it so I'm thinking its normal even though I worry about the littlest who is a 10th the biggest ones size. Is this common? Do I need to trim their flight feathers? Do I need a bigger brooder pen? Seems the bigger it is, they more they try to fly.

As a side note, the denominate rooster likes to perch on top of the water jug. Since then I've put a top on the cage. Silly rooster.

Here's their outdoor pen. We spend about 30 minutes or more at a time outside when it's warm and sunny. They seem to love it.

Oh. And I also notice how they sometimes puff up on each other - assuming this is a trait of finding out who's top in the group?

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All normal behaviors. Tops to brooders are a good idea at this age. Mine could sail over a 3' tall one around 5-6 weeks old.
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Oh I agree. As soon as I saw the main rooster perched on the water jug, straining to peer over the top, I made a top from poultry netting. Just concerned cuz sometimes the little ones get stomped.

And y'all won't believe what just happened. Had them in the outdoor pen (above) was bent over the side and petting/talking to them and some big bird tried to land on the corner of the pen!! I didn't get a good look at it (probably because I closed my eyes when I screamed like a little girl) but it was big. I'm in the country and see chicken Hawks and black birds a lot but always in the air. Time to build a top for the outdoor pen. Every chicken immediately hunkered down and got quiet. Oh. If anything happened to them under my watch, I'd be so mad at myself. Thankful that my bf is taking extra precautions with the run. Gotta take care of my babies.
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Yeah, I separated my standard chicks from my banties because they kept tripping over them.

Well, at least the local predator introduced themselves before you had an incident. Now you know what you need to protect against!
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Amen to that!

But won't separating them make it harder to rejoin them later?
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I'd already planned for a separate coop/run for the banties, cochin, and Polish so the standards wouldn't pick on them. They're going to be garden pest control and brood any chicks next year for me. smile.png
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