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A couple questions

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First of all, is it normal to hear the grumbling of the tiny chicks? (They are about a month old).

Secondly, I have never seen a chicken charge another chicken like my cuckoo maran chick does. Its almost like a dog playing; squat and charge forward, none of the other chicks do this i don't know what it is?
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Grumbling. Having a hard time imagining what sound you might be describing.


I have a Cuckoo Marans and she enjoys making sport of bullying those below her in rank. In fact, she's the second youngest of my flock, but she's far from the bottom in social rank. I believe the breed is on the aggressive side, though I really enjoy having her in my flock.

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Ive contemplated eating her... I somehow feel guilty thinking that... shes hatchery stock too so who knows if she will even lay dark eggs..

Also the grumbling sounds like this; - the first and third sounds not the second, I didnt listen much further than that..
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I've heard my adult hens making that kind of noise when i've been in close proximity to them, but i raise chicks with momma so the same opportunity does not avail itself.



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