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Leaving chickens in the garden area

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I have a future garden area that I am wanting my chickens to till up and do some pooping in. It is about 30 yard away from the actual pen area. Getting them out there will be a little bit of a hassle. I am wanting everyone's advice on how long I should leave them out there for the day. I have a mobile fence set up for them in the garden area and they will have food and water. This will only be a couple days per week type of thing. Does anyone see any problem with leaving them out there from morning until the evening? 

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It may depend on if you are at home or not during the days you are free ranging in terms of predators I would suggest. My flock free ranges all day, every day, but I'm at home and there is usually someone outside during the day so this provides them with some level of protection. If you put your feed station where you want them to fertilise the land, they should be more inclined to hang around there.


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