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Bumblefoot diagnosis?

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There is a semi-wild Pekin that lives on a canal near me.  Overnight, she seems unable to put any weight on one of her legs and won't even use that leg while swimming.

We're trying to figure out if this is bumblefoot or some type of sprain.  If she did have bumblefoot, would she still be using the leg when swimming?  The leg hangs limply behind her when she swims.

She has had some growths on the bottom of that foot for some time, which are shown in the attached photo.


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Certainly looks like bumble foot to me.
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Thanks bigbird.  Do you know if bumblefoot would keep a duck from using that foot while swimming?  Have never seen a bird with bumblefoot, but I would have naively thought that they would continue to use the foot while swimming.

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It would probably depend on how bad it is. Can you catch it?
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Originally Posted by bigbird View Post

It would probably depend on how bad it is. Can you catch it?



It will be tough to catch her.  She was attacked last summer, and we were unable to scoop her up to get her in to the vet at the time.  Would medicated feed (chick starter with amprolium) be helpful at all?

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Looks to have multiple bumblefoot lesions! You have a big one and another one; can't really say which is new or old.  Does one of them appeared to be more healed?  Does one have lots of ulceration?  Any blood? The best way to tell the chronicity is palpation, physical exam, and a cut surface... Nonetheless, that will be hard in this case.   With any infection or abrasion, you can have more than just bumblefoot.  This may be a trauma higher on the limb or a myriad of other issues.


Amprolium is not effective against bacterial agents, which are typical etiological agent for bumblefoot.  Amprolium is effective against protozoa.  


You have any wildlife vets around you?  Also, vet schools love cases like this.

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