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I'm a new chick owner with some bad experiences also. I first bought 6 RIR from a feed store. 4 died within two days. Then I bought 3 NH Reds and 3 Wyandotts from Murdochs. Well thing went well for a few days then the Wyandotts started slowing down and died.
I made some phone calls. First I found out the feed store had lots of problems with that batch of RIR Reds, a lot died and they were refunding money. Next I talked to a breeder that a friend gave me the # of. First question they asked was about my water supply. I have a deep well and very hard water. He told me to switch to distilled water. He also told me to wet the starter feed. When I did that things turned around. All my chicks are doing well now. 2 RIR, 3 NH Reds, 3 Delawares, 1 Wyandotte, 1 Brahama. Like I said I'm new also so I can't really give advice, just my experience. Also all my chicks were vaccinated so my issues wern't disease.