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Seeking immediate help with my mourning dove eggs (so ready to hatch!)

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Hi, everyone!

My name is Yoko. This is my first post here. I'm here in need of immediate help with my mourning dove eggs in my rose pot out on veranda, which have been left abandoned since yesterday afternoon.

Since last May, I've had a pleasure of 5 families of mourning dove nesting and raising their babies one after another in my rose pot. 

This year, they have returned, and have given birth to two egss (now ~11, 13 days old). All was going well with papa and mama taking turn to incubate the eggs till yesterday afternoon. New neighbor with the barking dog moved in the below unit, and while I was gone for a few hours, the doves must have gotten scared away... The papa dove flew back once, not on the pot with the eggs, but standing a few pots away from the nest, but after another dog bark out below on their veranda, he flew away.

I waited till morning, the doves have not returned. It is unusually warm this time of the year, but it did get a little chilly overnight. I know that eggs must be still in good shape, but I must respond very quickly to save the almost ready to hatch egg. First one should be ready any day, maybe today or tomorrow, if mom (and papa) were incubating. I don't believe the doves will return, as I just heard the dog bark from below unit. 

I have spent a lot of times intimately with nesting dove families last year, every single day since last May with the 5 sets of two baby doves... from the eggs to practicing their flying on my veranda. I gather it is not an easy task to incubate and take care of the hatched eggs, but I can not ignore them at this point, and I must do all I can to save these eggs. 

Please help me with all your experience! It will be very much appreciated. Thank you!


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I do not know how good your chances are, but this thread may help you
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Do you have any way of keeping the eggs warm? I don't think they will hatch if they are left there too much longer. 

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Hi, OrganicFarmWife... Thank you so much! Will take a look immediately. Yoko

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Hi, mcad... Thank you so much for your quick response. no, not exactly with proper incubator (or heating pad)... I've called in a several local vet and wild life organization, and waiting on their response, while I still wait (and being very hopeful) that the papa-mama to return, which is still possible. I'm realizing that I don't have a proper means to take good care of the eggs here, so not quite sure if they even hatch.  It is a warm day, but not up to the right temp for the eggs. How much longer would you say? While waiting, I might take the pot inside, if that helps?

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I am honestly not sure. Wish you lived near me I have some ringneck doves that would sit on those.
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Thank you, mcad. That would have been the very best solution. For now, I've decided on waiting for the mama and papa dove's return. If they are meant to happen, they will... I will remain hopeful. Thank you! yoko

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If I were you, I would candle the eggs to try and see how far away from hatch they are. You can take a very strong flashlight, led is best, but some people even use the flashlight app on their phones and go into a dark room. Shine the light into the fatter end of the egg. That's where the air cell is and it's easy to see what's going on under the air cell. Here's a thread on what the egg will look like inside while its developing.
If they are that close to hatch then it may be possible to save them. You can also look up your location, here on BYC and you might be able to find a local person here on BYC that has an incubator you can use. There's a section called "where are you/where am I"'or something like that and hopefully you can find your city and state.
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Great to know. Thank you so much, RubyNara97! I'll check the link. yoko

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What ever happened with the eggs?
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