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Roo aggressive toward men

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Hi. My RIR rooster is very aggressive towards all men. If it's a woman, he heards them into the flock and will sit next to them. If it's a man he meets, he will charge them when they turn their back. Please help! I'm scared he will hurt someone or get himself hurt by messing with the UPS man or someone else. It's ONLY men. I am NOT going to euthanize him or give him away. We need a rooster out here to protect the hens.
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You could try giving a water pistol to any man that goes near your flock - a few squirts may do the trick and put him back in his place. I'd suggest searching "dealing with aggressive roos" and see what pops up. 


Guess you could always keep a couple of wigs and high heels in the porch? :)


Good luck


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I'll try the water gun idea. Gotta go get some wigs and plastic heels... Lol
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How old is your boy?  He may escalate his behavior, and is dangerous.  Delivery people will not be forgiving if injured!  He's not doing his job when he's going after human visitors!!!  Mary

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He's is 8 months. He doesn't really go for the delivery people but I'm worried he will one day. As you said, behavior escalates. But it's only men! Not little boys and not girls or women.
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I think that it's very likely he will only get worse, sorry.  Mary

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